MiFID II has changed the research landscape globally.

New data/tools are required for asset managers to optimize performance.

Managers need to know how their multi-asset class research spending (at the strategy/fund level) compares to their peers in order to:

  • Inform discussions with increasingly interested clients/regulators.
  • Inform internal discussions on optimal research spending levels per strategy for P&L managers.
  • Determine/Analyze Research ROI, both internally and externally.
The Solution: Frost Research Spending Database
  • Being launched globally after it’s beta phase.
  • 18 months in development with ~300 asset managers and more than 1,500 strategies on the system (1Q 2018)

  • Managers complete a secure online template. Creates very granular data outputs against specifically defined peer universes.
  • Each budget submission is classified on 11 high-level variables and up to 200 sub-variables to facilitate comparison with similar products from managers with a variety of spending methods.
  • For each fund/strategy budget submitted, managers will see how their research spending compares to their direct peers via an index of anonymized, aggregated data adjusted for the categories above, and
  • Further refined by Firm/Strategy AUM, Domicile, Payment Type (P&L versus Client Money), Target Market

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